November 2013

Region 18 Gauges Interest for the 2014 IT Con Schedule

The Region 18 IT Con committee has begun planning for the 2014 IT Con schedule – where, when and what. One possibility being explored is to hold a Fall 2014 IT Con (the Region’s branded IT conferences) in the Pinehurst, NC area. We want to gauge your interest for adding a golf outing for those that want to play. We envision a Friday golf outing, a Friday evening informal social gathering and a one-day conference on Saturday.
To gauge interest among the Region 18 membership, we will be developing a short survey and will be sending it out within the next few weeks. Watch your Inbox and please complete the survey promptly – it will only take a couple of minutes. Your input is important to us!
Any questions or ideas can be directed to the IT Con email address,
More to come. Stay tuned…

Region 18 IT Con Committee


Murder Mystery at KSU Ashtabula

On November 2nd, the Student Chapter at Kent State University Ashtabula held their annual Murder Mystery Theater. This is one of the events that raise the funds which enable several students to attend the National Collegiate Conference.

The 90 people in attendance were treated to a fine meal followed by the play. which was fast paced, had plenty of humor and had a complicated plot. The audience was encouraged to keep track of the clues and name the culprit. the person who had the most correct answers won a very nice prize at the end of the night.

Part of the Crowd at KSU Ashtabula

Part of the Crowd at KSU Ashtabula

Brenda Angle at KSU Ashtabula

Brenda Angle at KSU Ashtabula

Well done KSU Ashtabula Student Chapter and thanks for a fantastic evening!  

CryptoLocker Update

The folks behind the CryptoLocker ransomware have started a “customer service” website. Yes, a customer service page! Apparently the crooks realized that they were losing a lot of money because people who had activated the virus were having trouble trying to sign up for one of the payment services.

Also, the virus is being updated as anti virus software is being changed to stop the threat. 


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