Leadership Changes

Parkinson Steps Down

On May 15th of this year, I notified the Region 18 officers, the AITP Association and the Region President Council that I was resigning as Region 18 President.

Over the last two or three years,  the free time I had for my family, Church, Greater Wheeling Chapter and other groups I am involved in, was dwindling while my work duties were increasing.

I sincerely appreciate everybody that helped me during my time as Region President. I met some fantastic people and had some great experiences.


Harvey Schoenman Steps Up 

Hello Members of AITP Region 18. I will be brief and quite candid.Harvey Schoenman

Region 18 has not been “working” for quite some time now and it has nothing to do with John. When we were still having region-wide conferences we were seeing a steady decline in conference attendance. When they were hosted by a northern chapter we had little participation from the southern chapters. When they were hosted in the south the situation was reversed. And when they were held at Pipestem, a location “equally inconvenient for everyone,” we still had poor attendance. What attendance we did have at these last few region conferences was almost exclusively chapter officers and RDs. So even though we had some very good speakers, we were not reaching our members.

Enter the switch to IT Con, one-day conferences that are inexpensive and local by design – no one should have more than a 3-hour drive each way, and for the most part no more than 2 hours. We tried to work with different chapters to have an IT Con in their area but all we really wound up with is the Akron-Cleveland area and the Wheeling-Pittsburgh area.

I will be working with National and the RPC to see what we can do with the region so that it better serves its function and, in fact, have already started a dialog with both.

I welcome any suggestions that any of you have. Send them to hschoenman@verizon.net.

I also have lost track of who the Chapter Presidents and Region Directors (RDs) are for each chapter. If you are one or knows who is for your chapter, please email the chapter name and President’s or RD’s name and email address to me at the above address. Unfortunately, websites are not always current and so I can’t rely on them.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank John for serving as your Region President these past two years. He has taken the time and the interest to personally visit chapters throughout the region. While I highly value face-to-face contact, my time is limited and so my communication with you will be electronic.

Stay tuned and I will keep you informed regarding any changes via the CommuniGram.
Harvey Schoenman
Pittsburgh Chapter
Region 18 President