Region 18 Elects Officers for 2016… and more

At the Region 18 Teleconference on October 24, 2015, the following slate of officers for 2016 were elected by acclimation.

President: Brad Moses, RTP
Vice President: Joyce Moses, RTP
Treasurer: Nick Regopoulos, Akron
Secretary: Mary Jane (MJ) Scruggs, Akron

Joyce and Nick will be staying on the board as officers (same positions), while Brad and MJ will be coming on for 2016 in the positions currently held Harvey Schoenman and Darlene Gerber respectively.

Also, Jen Adair of the Northeastern Ohio Chapter will be taking over the CommuniGram as Editor and Publisher. John Parkinson will be retiring from this position.

Congratulations to Brad, MJ, Jen and the returning officers.

And thank you to Darlene and John for having faithfully served the region.

Harvey Schoenman
AITP Region 18 President